Money Back Guarantee

If you receive damaged or different product other than your order, we will return your money. Please inform us within 48 hours of receiving our product, later submissions will not be accepted. Perishable Items (cake, flowers, pizza, and livestock (bakra, bull etc) are not returnable once delivered. Returned items must be not used, original tags must be attached, the item must be returned in the product box if delivered in one, and with no visible wear or damage. You must have a valid reason to return an item. We’ll be happy to exchange or issue web site credit within this period. Custom made items, customized items and special orders are not returnable or exchangeable. Shipping and handling are not refundable. Please send back the package securely wrapped, via prepaid and insured mail. will not be held responsible for items lost or damaged during return shipment (from customer to manufacturer). Return shipment is the responsibility of the customer and should be insured properly based on the value of the contents. Therefore, customers who wish to return a product should be conscious about which shipping company and method of shipment they choose. It is highly unlikely that a customer would receive damaged goods. All items are inspected prior to shipping. However, in the unlikely event you do receive a damaged item; it must be returned within 4 days of receiving that item. This is necessary in order to control our inventory.